fat orange hitler

Before Donald J. Trump perpetrated an attempt to overturn democracy in the United States by inciting a riot and encouraging the assassination of his own vice president, I had shied away from making Trump-to-Hitler or narcissistic demagogic racism-to-fascism comparisons. This was both out of deference to holocaust survivors and a sense that we should not appropriate historical terms that belong to a time and place and use them to describe current affairs.

The times, people and movements involved are all different. No one can argue that, or that numerous comparison points are not incredibly similar. For example, I doubt that Trump will ever reach the sheer numbers of victims that Hitler did in his quest to exterminate Jews, gay people, gypsies and other minorities. Death is death. That said, Trump's depraved indifference towards the COVID-19 pandemic and his willingness to subject a nation of some 330+ million people to an unethical and immoral herd immunity experiment is directly attributable to at least 400,000 deaths, as of today, 2/14/2021. It will doubtless be many hundreds of thousands more before the United States comes to grips with the virus, primarily though vaccinations.

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